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Book by Harry Dawson and Ted Kociolek

Freely adapted from the novel by Rafael Sabatini

Music by Ted Kociolek

Lyrics and Additional Material by James Racheff

Set against the turmoil of pre-revolutionary France, SCARAMOUCHE tells the story of Andre-Louis Moreau, a cynical young country lawyer “born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” When his idealistic friend is slain by a privileged aristocrat, he swears vengeance and, as an enemy of the state, goes into hiding with a commedia dell’arte troupe. Donning the mask of the schemer Scaramouche, he ignites a rebellious spirit among the populace and, in the process, discovers the power of love, compassion and commitment.

Cast of 14 (4 Women, 7 Men, 3 Ensemble)



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