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Music by Ted Kociolek

Lyrics by James Racheff

Book by James Racheff and Ted Kociolek
Based on the novel Marked By Fire by Joyce Carol Thomas

Abyssinia Jackson is born during a tornado in Stillwater, Oklahoma at the turn of the last century. Blessed with a gift of song and a voice that thrills and delights the entire community, Abby is brought up in the bosom of the church and under the watchful eye of Mother Vera, a folk-healer. Like Job, Abby is fated to undergo a series of trials that all but shatter her faith. Her journey from despair to wisdom is a timeless, as well as timely, parable that cuts across color lines and religious beliefs.

Cast of 14 (8 Women, 6 Men)


"ABYSSINIA ... has the simplicity of folk tale and the power of myth. Suffused with enough energy to run a small star, it takes on humanity's basic question—why bad things happen to good people—looks at it head on and responds with a flood of life-affirming joy..." (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/18/91)


"ABYSSINIA is a stunning musical that delivers powerful messages...It deserves Broadway." (Chicago Tribune, 8/19/88)

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